The BHA Staff Predicts the Bucket


This post should turn out a lot like the game today. It’s 3 on 1. Herrington and IU will get slaughtered by the overwhelming Boilermaker outfit. The only thing fair about this post is that the big guy gets the final word. There’s no debate to how bad the Hoosiers have been this season. Any doubters should just read this from the aforementioned Herrington. On the other hand, I’m sure nothing would please IU more than to spoil a possible Purdue bowl bid, and this Purdue team is nothing to write home about themselves. I expect a close game in the first half with the Boilers pulling away a little bit in the second, but only two things are certain for this year’s installment: a tremendous Bloomington tailgate and classic crappy Old Oaken Bucket weather. Thank God basketball season is here. POTFH.

Final Prediction:  Purdue 31  Indiana 17


It’s weird that I won’t be in Indiana or attending the Bucket game this year, but I’ve been watching both teams from afar. IU’s only win this season is against a non-FBS school. In the words of Charles Barkley, “That’s turbl.” Purdue lost to Rice. Yeah, Rice. Most people don’t know they actually have a football team, but they do. Just wanted to provide some perspective before I go any farther here. This one will be won on defense and special teams. When you get two below average teams, it’ll come down to turnovers and mental errors. Both teams make their fair share of mistakes, and you’ll see plenty of them today. There’s no way in the world I can pick IU, but I’ve got to say that I’m fairly nervous for this one. It’s a rivalry game, throw out the records and stats…they mean nothing. But the Bucket is coming back to where it belongs: West Lafayette.

Final Prediction:  Purdue 34  Indiana 24


Ah, the Bucket game.  This will be my fifth and final installment as a student in this rivalry, and right now I am in danger of graduating with a losing record against the Hoosiers.  That would put me in the first Purdue class to accomplish that fete since the class of 1997.  That’s what scares me the most about this weekend.  The other thing that scares me almost as much is that the Hoosiers have a chance to deny Purdue it’s first bowl eligibility in 4 years.  The latter point is almost enough to throw out each team’s record and expect a close game.  Throw in a 70% chance of rain, and I can almost guarantee a close game.  Expect fumbles.  Expect ugly football.  Expect a really corny first down song.

Final Prediction:  Purdue 27  Indiana 24


If you have the Big Ten Network, you won’t want to miss this one! Well actually you might…but Gus Johnson is announcing the IU-Butler basketball game on Sunday evening, so we do have that to look forward to.  As is usual with this rivalry, the Hoosiers and Boilers will probably go out with a bang of a Toilet Bowl on a rain-soaked field.  I do like having turf on some occasions, but I will say that I would prefer a mud bath (or diarrhea-filled “toilet”) of a game for the brand of football that will be on display (at least you wouldn’t be able to read the number of the guy messing up). The Hoosiers haven’t learned the terms “run,” “block,” or “tackle” yet and the Boilers couldn’t beat a team that allowed an opposing quarterback to burn them for nine touchdowns in a single game.  However, since this will be my final Bucket game as a student, I expect the Hoosiers to pull out a thriller like they did my freshman year. RIP Coach Hep.

Final Prediction: Indiana 27, Purdue 24


About Jack Carney

I'm a senior at Purdue University studying Accounting and Finance. I'm a proud member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity here at Purdue as well as a Sports Writer for the Purdue Exponent. I love the Boilermakers, Colts, and Pacers with all my heart and soul. I also love quoting movies, re-reading Harry Potter instead of trying out new books, smoking my corncob pipe, and growing out my mustache for random occasions.
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2 Responses to The BHA Staff Predicts the Bucket

  1. Zach Haselhorst says:

    Looks like Donoho had the best prediction. Pretty dang close, too.

  2. Robby Donoho says:

    That’s why they pay me the big bucks down here to make the on-point predictions.

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