Carney’s 2012 Predictions

To start off the new year (yeah I know I’m a week late, sue me), I would like to present my 2012 sports predictions. Should be an interesting year for sports here at the Crossroads. Give these a read so you can laugh at me later:

  1. Andrew Luck will turn into an Eli-Manning-Cry-Baby and force Jim Irsay to dispose of Eli’s brother Peyton effectively ending the current era of Colts football. I will hate him for it until he leads the Colts to Super Bowl L. Then all will be forgiven.
  2. Out of the Colts veteran free agents, Robert Mathis will be retained. Jeff Saturday will retire as a Colt. Sadly, Reggie Wayne and Ryan Diem will take their talents elsewhere.
  3. The Saints will beat the Ravens in Indianapolis in Super Bowl XLVI.
  4. The Indiana Pacers will win 40 regular season games and advance to the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. They will add Eric Gordon to the roster in the off season. (2013 Prediction: The Pacers will advance to the Eastern Conference Finals in Year 1 of The Gordon Era.)
  5. Purdue will finish 5th in the Big Ten (yeah I know they just got pounded by Penn State – they’ll come around). IU will finish 3rd. They will split their two head-to-head matchups with both winning at home. Both teams will advance to the Sweet 16 where they both will lose.
  6. Reggie Miller will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. I’ll attempt to attend the enshrinement ceremony but won’t be able to afford the trip.
  7. Ryan Lochte will upstage Michael Phelps at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the pool showing that he, not Phelps, is the best American male swimmer.
  8. CPatt Gold herself. What a sweetheart. (Call Me!)

    My streak of every-4-year-mega-crushes-on-an-American-female-Olympic-gymnasts will be broken. Now at age 23, it’s just too creepy. All good things must come to an end. If Carly Patterson’s out there reading this, give me a shout. We need to reconnect.

  9. By the end of 2012 John Elway will have given up on Tim Tebow. Before this happens though, Tebow will magically and inexplicably lead the Broncos to the AFC Championship Game where Denver will lose in heartbreaking fashion a la Jim Harbaugh and the 1995 Indianapolis Colts. (I know this is a super long shot, but I’m pulling for Tebow to become the next Captain Comeback)
  10. Finally, my boy Bryan Clauson will qualify for the 2012 Indianapolis 500. If this happens, it will become one of the happiest days of my young life. Good Luck BC!
Welp, that’s all I’ve got. We’ll see how it goes. Happy New Year!

About Jack Carney

I'm a senior at Purdue University studying Accounting and Finance. I'm a proud member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity here at Purdue as well as a Sports Writer for the Purdue Exponent. I love the Boilermakers, Colts, and Pacers with all my heart and soul. I also love quoting movies, re-reading Harry Potter instead of trying out new books, smoking my corncob pipe, and growing out my mustache for random occasions.
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